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Sivujuoni InferKit-tekstigeneraattorin kirjoittamana

Posted: Sat Sep 11, 2021 9:59 pm
by Arlin
//Me ylläpidossa koimme sivujuonen suunnittelun ja kirjoittamisen liian vaivalloisena työnä, joten päätimme ulkoistaa sen koneille ja tekoälyille. Ensimmäisessä viestissä on Google Translaten kääntämä teksi Ajan miekka -pelin aloituksesta. Toisessa viestissä käytin InferKit-tekstigeneraattoria apuna luoden jatkon tarinalle. InferKit-generaattoria voi kokeilla itse täällä: .

The sword of time

The increasingly dense forest slowly became more and more difficult to navigate. The path began to disappear into the vegetation, and the undergrowth, the fallen trees, and the rocks between them slowed every step. There was almost no visibility due to the dense fog, and the moist, almost rainy air made the clothes stick to the skin in places you couldn’t even imagine it was. Even though it was late in the morning, the sunlight did not reach the ground through the fog, thick clouds, and branches. The huge amount of magic one could imagine feeling from a huge magical structure was completely gone. The forest felt as ordinary as any other forest with all its treasure trees, branches and undergrowth.

The dense vegetation seemed to turn into an almost labyrinth as each member of the party tried to find continuous routes between tree trunks and boulders. Eventually, the last bow under a huge, fallen and mushroom-covered tree trunk led to a small square, undergrown with undergrowth. The high-reaching trees lining the square created a wall almost around the square, and the tallest branches of the trees almost made the roof cover the square. The stairs formed by nature seemed to run along the wall formed by the trees: branches, half-fallen tree trunks rising from the undergrowth formed stairs to the top of the leaf roof. Each of the branches seemed to withstand the weight of several people, but their intervals were quite long steps. Catching them would certainly take a while for even an agile person.

In the middle of all this and opening stood a human figure among all the lush undergrowth. The shimmering cloak in shades of this gold swayed dramatically with the light wind, and the gaze had turned straight up toward the sky. Slowly, as the party heard, the person's gaze slowly descended to look in the direction from which they had heard voices. Taenyathar had already decided to step closer without questions or sayings. Not too threatening, but also not too cautious. Finally, as others followed, the person’s traits became a little better visible. The broad shoulders bore the armor chest armor, and the bare arms exposed the numerous scars that passed through them, and the pale skin. The leather armor, dyed in gold tones, was adorned with red, detailed, but from afar, difficult to interpret. The man's mouth and his facial features were covered with a gold-colored cloth mask. It was almost impossible to deduce the race directly from the features of that: The ears lacked the sharpness typical of elves, but the faces lacked the roundness very typical of human faces. White-gray hair and silver-gray eyes did not resemble any known breed. This person stood without saying a word, staring tightly at each member of the group.

Lalfar moved closer, passing Taenyathar. The man looked distinctly different, but this was his father, though the half-elite had in his mind denied it many times already. Lalfar stopped a few meters away from that. A closer look showed how absent this looked. The eyes were half open and at first this did not even look at the person standing directly in front of him. Lalfar noticed this both hands were completely dark from the wrist down and the color stood out from the pale arms better than well. Strictly to this left was presumably the famous Sword of Time: the shiny, straight blade and decorative handle with its inlays looked magical even before it could even be judged more closely. This also seemed to have another sword on his back, presumably his personal weapon: much simpler and more practical-looking than any weapon in the grip of this palm. There was also a head-sized ball hanging from this belt, and the half-elf couldn't really believe what it looked like: a beautiful, simple crystal ball. What were all the things true from Linje's speeches? However, Lalfar could not yet accept everything even in the presence of the evidence. It was still possible that there was some misunderstanding here. He had to make sure.

"I… father?" Lalfar asked cautiously, not knowing if he had received any answer in this state. The man finally lowered his gaze to the half-elf. This watched Lalfar from head to toe and slowly looked closely at the other Presidents until his eyes stopped to look at Lalfar.

"Who are you?" a slow and tired voice left behind the mask. There was concern and uncertainty in Lalfar's expression.

“I am your daughter. Lalfar. Remember me? ” Lalfar tried desperately to remind.

“Lal… far,” the man looked pensive. This lowered his head and raised his free dark hand to his forehead. Even with the mask, this look looked painful. The man took a step back in support and then another. This began to breathe violently, growling painfully, but it stopped as fast as it started. The man lowered his hands, straightened his posture, and opened his eyes completely. The gaze of this was now sharp and dull. The man looked each eye at the eye again.

"Who are you?" the man asked seriously.

Re: Sivujuoni InferKit-tekstigeneraattorin kirjoittamana

Posted: Sat Sep 11, 2021 10:01 pm
by Arlin
//Tämä on InferKit-tekstigeneraattorin kirjoittama teksti

“I am Lalfar, your only daughter, Linje's granddaughter and the last Queen of the Dragonkin Empire,” Lalfar tried to explain.

The man relaxed his hands and lowered them on his hips. The tension on his neck disappeared and the eyes became less burdened. "Did she tell you of her children?" The man asked.

"No, I am not familiar with her children, but of the ones that are in the line of succession she told me about Prince William, the one currently the Emperor, my Uncle Marek, who rules alongside them and who she says has been charged with taking care of all three of her heirs."

"Yes, she did tell me of that. I understand her wanting to give you responsibility. Do you understand what this would mean for her to actually do so? ”

“Yes. I understand. I understand. ” Lalfar said hurriedly. He felt that every part of his body and soul was determined not to give up on what he'd wanted so badly, from since the day that was hit him by the horse. His eyes, lips, hands, knees, toes, hair were all full of questions. Why did you leave me? Did you promise to keep me alive? Why am I wearing this mask? Why am I looking like this? Will you still love me? Will we still be able to do what we loved? Why don't we still talk to each other? Why do I have this mask on? Does this mean that we can't still be together? You should have told me that you were leaving! Please don't leave me! I need you!

“Oh, why are you so upset, little one? I haven't done any of those horrible things that you think.” The man laughed harshly. "Have you forgotten that you are the most beautiful, famous and sought after woman in the galaxy? The only daughter of the famous Queen, Linje of the Dragons?"

The man came closer and held Lalfar's chin with his fingers.

"And what do you think? Did your father think that you were not the most beautiful and famous queen?" He asked, with that same heavy laughter.

"Then what do you say?" He asked gently, but Lalfar realized that he was trying to be careful in what he said, and would keep a part of himself from his daughter.

"I say that I know that you love me more than anyone in the world."

The man put his arms around Lalfar.

"I'll love you forever. I'll be the best father that you can possibly imagine. I'm not going to hurt you, ever again. I'm not going to leave you and I'm not going to do anything to destroy you. You have to promise that you won't worry about me. I will be the most loved person in the whole world. You'll never have to worry about how you're going to pay for college, or where you'll work, or how you will live. The opportunities to have a bright future for your and your children are there, here, in your country. I'll help you take advantage of them."

Lalfar looked at the man with such warmth in her eyes that even a stranger could tell that she was truly in love with him. He knew that that was the reason why the Earth Kingdom had no way of seeing the mask.

“I promise.” Lalfar whispered, her voice full of joy.

The man then kissed her so passionately that Lalfar's breath stopped in her throat.

"Oh Lalfar, my love, what do we do now?" The man asked, with a hopeful tone in his voice.

Lalfar shook her head, trying to focus, trying to find the words to express herself, before the man kissed her again. This time she did not stop him.

"I have a question." Lalfar asked, with a smile on her lips.

The man kissed her.

The man then sat down, with Lalfar on his lap. He wrapped his arms around her neck and held her head to his shoulder.

Lalfar felt that she was floating in the clouds and that a huge, perfect smile was on her face.

The man smiled too.